about me

I am proud to introduce myself to you and explain to you a little bit about the past, my experiences and my personality traits. I, Hadi Sana, was born on March 11, 1986, in Mashhad, Iran's second largest city. I have known in my heart what I wanted to be when I grew up since years ago when I was a little boy. I pursued my studies in electrical engineering with several patents and diverse research activities(some of my inventions and research experiences are mentioned in my C.V). In 2008 I got my Bachelor's degree with a top GPA ( with in the top 10% of the graduated in class) ; After 5 years of working in a governmental organization in my country, I was accepted in the university entrance exam for Master's degree and continued my studies at Tarbiat Modares university of Theran. From my childhood, I was known to have four main characteristics among my friends and family members: curiosity, creativity, having a business mind, and being an active and social person. I was familiar with batteries, lamps and electronic circuits since my early childhood, so that when I was eight I bought dolls from the market and, putting a lamp in their heads and using a battery and pushbutton on their belly, created a more attractive product and sold it twice its price in front of my father's shop and under his supervision, it was my first business experience which was a mixture of earning money and creativity. My interest in business and the creation of new thing was so much that in our art class, where we were supposed to made handicrafts, I used electronic boards and tools, created electronic handicrafts and sold them to my classmates. When I was 15 I could make a burglar alarm for my bicycle so that its attractiveness and novelty made my friend ask me to make some burglar alarms for them too and, of course, I earned a good amount of money in exchange for making and installing it. My curiosities and scientific-commercial adventures continued until 2005 when I started working on my first invention, Milk pasteurization device using High Intensity Pulsed Electric Field (HIPEF), which lasted until 2008. In this project, raw milk was pasteurized using High Intensity Pulsed Electric Field that had many benefits. Creativity and business were my two prominent features from my early childhood. For this reason, I have always been planning to establish an institution in my country so that I can help my countrymen and my country by attracting new inventors and ideas and introducing them to investors and introducing their products to the market. In this regard, in a number of research institutions, I spontaneously provide some technical and economic advice to the creative students. On the other hand, at the university I was a very active and strong student in teaching, so that when one of the laboratories at my university was removed for some reasons, my idea of establishing a mechatronics lab was accepted by my professor and the majority of students. As I already had the experience of purchasing related products and was familiar with the electronics and mechanics market, my professor asked me to buy the required equipment and tools and set up the lab. Finally, given the topics that I had presented, my professor asked me to teach in the laboratory. Despite all these experiences, in order to achieve my goals, I still need to study more and gain knowledge of the day.