work experiences

  • Trading manager of Rastan Group engineering-design company (2016-2018)
  • Sale’s manager of Rastan Group engineering-design company.(2016)
  • Supervisor engineer of Salman Tower in field of electrical installations (Mashhad).(2016)
  • Trading manager of Atrina trading company in field of women’s wearing (IRAN-TURKEY, 2014-2017)
  • Designing and manufacturing single phase SSR 100A (solid State Relay) with capability of switching  at
    zero voltage crossing and cuting out at zero current crossing and also self protection for over temerature(2014)
  • Designing and manufacturing OptoEncoder for variable speed motors using AVR microcontroller (2014)
  • Designing, manufacturing, and installing electrical panel (board), automation for control and monitoring
    temperature, humidity and CO2 level at Shargh La’l Khorassan edible mushroom   breeding factory (2010)
  • Teaching mechatronics laboratory at Allameh Mohades Noori University
  • Teaching industrial electronics laboratory at Allameh Mohades Noori University
  • Designing and manufacturing soft starter for domestic water pumps
  • Designing and implementing apartment automatic lightening systems 
  • Construction wiring, installing central aerials automatic doors and audio-video door openers  
  • Designing and manufacturing motor speed controller with the following properties: DC, 36KW,
  • 120A, 12V-300V with FCC ability (fast current control) and also to control via a serial port
  • Designing and implementing electrical panels, drivers, transformers of inductive melting
    furnace with the following properties 220KW, 1800~2100 Hz, 200kg, MR=35 min (melting rate)
  • Designing emergency power network and offering consultation services in implementation
    of audio and visual network for Laleh information, technology and media cultural complex. 
  • Worked in Delta Imen Parsian engineering designing company for a period of 16 months
  • Technical management in patient health information and also monitoring ambulances in
    the city project held by Treatment department of Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.